Monday, November 10, 2008

Warm Milky Concoction

It’s chilly vanilly here in Colorado Springs today! My daughter has the day off from school and is working on a movie project, while I’m writing as writers do.

But once in a while, I get up and do what people do, then grab a cup of something, so I’ll eventually have to do what people do once more.

I just poured myself a huge mug of milk—I love huge mugs, should’ve seen the one on my last boyfriend—heated it in the microwave till it steamed (the milk, not his mug), then drizzled some honey, dribbled droplets of vanilla, and shook several sprinkles of cinnamon into the steamy white liquid.

A few spins of the spoon and yummers! a new Auntie Eartha concoction was born. And the one I birthed likes it too : )

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