Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nice Guy, My (bad word)

I’ve ascertained that when a guy tells me he’s a nice guy, the worst is on its way. But he’ll still think he’s a nice guy. It’s you who has the problems (yes, plural).

Three of my best guy friends have shared: “All men are scum. They want one thing.” “I can be quite a stinker (actually a different term).” “Don’t trust men.” “I certainly have moments when I’m not very nice.” When I hear lines like these, my tension is eased, because they’re as imperfect as I am.

Give me honesty, not deception. Or just let me keep my freedom.
(Puzzle piece number 23 of 38.)

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  1. My single friend, maybe the nice guys are correct and it is you! LOL

  2. No doubt: Poor choices. I'm in the process of changing that. Trinidad, here I come!


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