Monday, November 10, 2008

Sniff, Sniff

I like my home to smell good, which is quite the challenge with a Labradog, two cats, a fish, and being a gastronome. And though I daily put baby shampoo on our Lab’s feet and rinse them off in a trimmed vinegar container filled with water, his feet still smell like Fritos.

Now that cold weather has dropped on my life like a Thanksgiving turkey, and I can’t open my windows without putting on a dreaded bra and sweater, keeping our home semiodor free is much more challenging. So I compromise.

I turn on Clarity, our Honeywell Enviracaire air purifier, and periodically move her to various places in the home. Then I spray peppermint water high in the air and in our trees and plants throughout. Sometimes I even add my friend bleach, but just a few drops, because intense bleach doesn’t like me quite as much as I like him.

One or two droppersful of peppermint in a quartsize spray bottle of water freshens with its mist and makes the dog sneeze. A little acidic wipe of doggie boogie from the wall, and voilĂ , I feel as if I’m back in college having a schnapps hot chocolate cleaning up after my roommates.

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  1. Have you ever been told your house is more sterile than a hospital operating room?

  2. Many times. Staph runs rampant. Now I'm scared about E. coli after reading about those children all contracting it from playing in elk country. With all the deer doo in the yard, I'm cleaning all of our paws more frequently. Be prepared if you stop by!


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