Tuesday, November 25, 2008

“Take Me Out, It’s Garbage Day!”

My hiking buddy is a wild man and, maybe because I met him on Halloween 1999, he does some pretty scary things. I’ll spare him the embarrassment of his one swift move under a swing, but this story will inspire environmentalists and wildlife preservers.

One morning Bob (pictured below) got up and was going to take his garbage can to the curb, when he heard rustling inside the can. A quick peek revealed a cute little skunk looking upward into the eyes of its rescuer or its executioner. Apparently it had been too interested in the can’s contents as it peered down from the adjacent concrete wall, leaned over, and toppled in.

Perplexed, Bob went back inside and called me. “What would a person do if he found a skunk in his garbage can?”

“Invite the poor dear in for breakfast. It must be hungry.”

Not buying my advice, Bob pondered longer until the wildlife lover–conservationist spirit enveloped him. He put a cover on his garbage can and placed it, skunk and all, in the rear of his ancient blue Volvo station wagon.

When he later told me this story, I figured he was being his strange-humored bohunk self and selling me a line of goods. “You’ve got to be kidding. What if the skunk sprayed?”

“If its tail can’t lift up, it’s unable to give you a shot.” Mmm, now I’m satisfied.

So Bob took the little feller on an excursion up Ute Pass, found it a nice green, grassy meadow, carried the garbage can out of his car, and let the furry creature waddle away. And he didn’t spray…nor did the skunk.

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  1. Esta historia es buena, y ¡es muy hilarante! ¡Gracias para escritandola!

  2. cool story auntie... love your blog and read about it in the gazette one day in like springsroll or something idk anyway cool awsome job dude


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