Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hot Tub Healer

Hot tub healer is not a misspell. It’s not saying to a cute young fella, “Hey, let’s tub,” and he heels. No, I mean hot tubs can heal and help a person lose weight.

A few years ago I discovered that when I was hungry and chose to tub rather than eat, I lost my hunger.

My daughter and I have noticed that when we have a scratch, scrape, or bite, soon after sitting in the tub, it goes away. Sooner than if we hadn’t tubbed.

And the healing is not just physical, it’s emotional. My friends and I have learned that with a bottle of wine and a late-night tub, all the stuff from the past that needs to come out, does. And the unspoken rule is, nothing leaves the hot tub. What you say in there stays in there. It’s what friendship is based on: trust.

For years I’ve said, I wish everyone had a hot tub, ’cause the world would be a more peaceful place. And you don’t have to buy a new one. Knowing they are mechanical devices, even you could fix one if it breaks down. I have several times (I’m a handywoman). Go ahead, take a tub, and feel peace warm your soul.
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  1. Hot tub! How extravagant! All that energy to heat it doesn't seem environmentally friendly.

  2. I think anything that brings peace into one's life is environmentally friendly. Once the water's heated, wall insulation and tight, heavy cover keep it toasty. Great with a Rusty Nail!

  3. How well does your magical hot tub do for broken bones?

  4. There's no bones about it, a hot tub does better on broken hearts and sore muscles. Is Auntie hearing that a reader broke a bone, or does Auntie need to break someone's bone for putting advances on her in the hot tub?


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