Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sexual Harassment

I get so sick of hearing about women telling the world their sexual harassment stories, the latest being Herman Cain’s two Six-figure Innuendo Girls. As I quickly turn off the radio or flip the newspaper page so I don’t have to ingest another bite, I wonder, Are these girls so lazy and desperate for attention that they pry their now-bruised knees off the floor or drag their sorry arses out of the hotel bed to drown us in their cesspools? Are the media so desperate for stories that this is the best they can do? It’s reverse carpe diem.

Sure there are going to be honest-to-god rapists, gropers, porn watchers, exhibitionists, and voyeurs, but those aren’t the guys the chicks are after. These slimy guys likely have no money, nor should they aspire politically.

Sex is natural. Teasing is natural, in America, at least. If I conjured up all the sexual innuendos, gestures, pats, bumps, and jokes throughout my lifetime—on men’s and my initiation—I could spend all day writing and blaming and living in the past. Sex is a vital part of the world, particularly in procreation and advertising. Sex might be better portrayed as a natural dimension of most human beings, like their needs to eat, sleep, and relieve themselves.

I’ve known of women who couldn’t live without food but could live without sex, too many in my opinion, and too many after they’ve landed their trophy husbands, had a couple kids, bought their minimansions, and who only worked if they wanted to. These women come from various religions or none, and because of their self-created, falsified frigidness, their husbands seek at least one of their needs elsewhere.

Is this seeking biblical? Yes, in the Old Testament; no, in the New Testament.

Is this Muslim? Absolutely, in some sects, where men may have numerous wives and concubines and treat them as chattel to use and discard at will.

Is seeking natural? Darn tootin’!

If I had a husband who wouldn’t put out, I’d be shopping too. Frankly, I wouldn’t need to gaze far to find the right fit either. Would I call demonstrating-interest behavior sexual harassment? Heck no. I’d call it a mutually beneficial exchange, as long as no diseases were involved. In younger years I’d say, “How can I work on self-actualization when my basic needs (food, shelter, and sex) aren’t met?” referring to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.[1]
It’s difficult to think clearly without some type of release, which lately has been hiking.

Sexual harassment takes two or, in less healthy maneuvers, more. But if sexual harassment presents as a joke, or “those pants look very nice on you, mm-mm,” or “lovely top you’re wearing today,” even in a certain tone, it doesn’t sound like harassment to me. Flirting, perhaps, but “aggressive pressure or intimidation” as Oxford states harassment, no. And don’t you have to be open to intimidation to actually receive it?

But “those slacks sure must be happy today,” or “if that blouse were cut much lower, the dam would be flowin’ and I’d be there with mouth wide open,” or “gee, those trousers sure sport a nice bulge.” These, in my mind, cross the aggressive border.

But often a person’s words aren’t as consequential as the listener’s feelings about the person saying them. If she likes the guy, his words might be taken lightly, even if off color. But if she views the speaker as repulsive, you can bet the guy is naked in the political arena with a pack of starving lions. We also need to factor in the listener’s perception. If a gal had been raped or sexually abused, any bodily comment or gesture might be perceived as harassment.

Feelings change over time, and perhaps the guy once liked becomes, 10 years later, a flirt, a lech, or a sexual harasser, the subject of an inquiry and media attention. Open the financial faucet and give her six figures and 15 minutes of fame. Once her intimations are public and people have mucked it into a diarrheal slurry, who really gives a crap? What does she really want? Another line on her résumé? Think about it. What is really behind the accusations? Does anyone really want to hear about the Polish blow-job girl on former President Clinton? Not me.

Maybe I got the Herman Cain story all wrong because I turned it off so quickly, but I’m guessing the people bringing forth vomitous detritus feel good today but will question their motives in later years. I know people who drag others down in a masturbatory attempt to make themselves feel more important. It has never worked for the betterment of the world. I doubt it ever will.

[1] An interpretation of Maslow's hierarchy of needs from
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