Friday, September 5, 2008

The F Word

How do you feel when the f word is directed toward you?

As for me, I get excited, scared, maybe even uncomfortable, but not angry. Contrarily, I might feel warm and secure, depending on who says it to me.

But in the back of my mind, I wonder if the person using the word is serious. Maybe he’s just joking. I question his intention and wonder if he really means it. I ask myself, does the f word mean the same to him as it does to me?

Even if it’s in writing, I still can’t make him keep his word. It’s not a contract. Just a set of words. Anyway, it could be fleeting—maybe he meant it on the day he wrote it, but changed his mind the next. You know how fickle some people can be. I mean, when you use the f word, do you really think about it first?

Now what if the f word is delivered in tandem with the l word? How do you feel then?

I received a birthday card from my former beau, in which he used both the f and l words. Dumb me. I believed what he wrote, and by my next birthday, he was gone.

So now do I believe a person when he says the f word? Probably not. Especially when the l word comes before it.

You know what they say: Never say never, or always, or "I’ll love you forever." Because forever may end tomorrow.
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  1. Did your ex use the words to say you were a MILF? ;-)

  2. Mother
    Love to

    Did he say that?

  3. MILF = Mother I'd Like to F***


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