Friday, February 3, 2012

Who Tooted?

Whenever someone goes into my kitchen and forages in the refrigerator or cabinets, there’s a 99 percent chance that one LabraDog and one Maine coon will be five feet away, eyes affixed on the forager.

Recently someone was bending over to pull a stockpot from the drawer beneath the oven and simultaneously tooted an atonal tune. Standing up, that someone turned around and said to the gastronomic gazers, “Excuse me,” then smiled,

at which point both beggars glanced sheepishly at their own rear ends.


  1. yeah, I recently posted on facebook that I didn't mind growing old so much, except for all of the farting. As to the cat and doggies, it's how we bond and commune these days...

  2. So good to know you're still alive…in one way or another!

  3. I may not comment all the time, but your blog is one of my sources for humanity and decent writing in this town...


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