Sunday, July 18, 2010

Forced Sterilization

In Uzbekistan, women are undergoing sterilization against their will, without their knowledge. After surprise mutilation and removal of their reproductive parts, women are left unable to bear children. It’s sort of like making eunuchs of Uzbek functionaries without their approval and “accidentally” lopping off their penises as an added bonus while the patients are alert and not under anesthesia, just so they remember the extraordinary event. Checkmate.

The government used to give Uzbek women medals for having six or more children, but overpopulation in our world has given their government reason to reconsider earlier lacking-in-foresight compensation.

Now they worry that with so many young men being born with so little imagination, they will join al Qaeda or the Taliban. The government believes these future male adults lack sufficient entrepreneurial spirit to deliver Uzbeks from their pit of despair.

So rather than bless Uzbek men with simple vasectomies and allow them sperm-free Uzbek manliness, the government, which I suspect equals men, mutilates women. Makes perfect sense to them.

Admit it, sex is fun unless one partner is evil and uses sex as a weapon. So why not free the world’s people and give them practice organs via vasectomies. According to my many male friends, it’s easy.

Get a vasectomy. Don’t contribute to Earth’s demise.

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