Friday, July 2, 2010

El Paso County, Colorado, Fourth Judicial District Corruption, Part 1

I think it’s time.

I’ve kept publicly quiet for 16 years, and the guilty need to face the jury.

It’s Friday, July 2, 2010, and I just read that the Jaycee Dugard family finally took a stand against the state of California, whose Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation failed to do what they were paid to do. And the Dugards won.

She had been kidnapped by a paroled sex offender as a young girl and kept in his backyard. After 18 years in captivity, she brought forth two children and, most likely, a horror story.

Welcome to Colorado Springs and El Paso County, Colorado’s, Fourth Judicial District.
In the months to come, I will reveal travesties and constitutional violations by not only the district’s judicial branch and its judges, but all ancillary financial feeders on the system: psychologists, social workers, lawyers, quasitherapists, the Department of Human Services and all their employees, funded by El Paso County, the state of Colorado, possibly federal tax dollars, and primarily, the victims.

Just know, sexual molestation and abuse is condoned by El Paso County’s Department of Human Services even after numerous reports, as long as it is done by a family member, such as the biological father, his new partner, her son, or someone within two familial degrees of anyone in their families.

My daughter was 18 months when the molestation began, and it continued until her twelfth year, when she released herself of the situation. I was not allowed to release her, though the system eagerly embraced my thousands of dollars.

Imagine the cost in all areas.


  1. Unfortunately because of the widespread political apathy of the vast majority of people in this country, we have exactly the government we deserve.

    It's very telling that a huge number of people would rather watch three hours of programs about the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death than spend an equal amount of time getting informed about the government that controls their lives.

    Every level of government has evolved away from representing the people to becoming a bastion of power of the political party. We no longer elect people to respresent us, only people to represent the party. The party only truly represents a tiny fraction, while misrepresenting themselves to broaden their appeal and ensare/enslave the wider population.

    Almost everyone suffers the consequences of this apathy. Some like you and your daughter suffer more than others.

  2. Wow. Well stated and true. Thank you.


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