Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To Larisa

Is it fair that a victim is the one who pays the most and loses the greatest in the court system?
Is it fair, when you choose not to lie with the “boss,” he decides to terminate you?
Is it fair, when you’re courageous enough to stand up for what is morally wrong, you are the one who is punished?
Is it fair, when you’ve been accused of the very thing someone else is guilty of, you lose your license, your good name, your confidence?

I’ve learned that others can be greedy, to the extent that they want your peace, your brightness, your lifeblood. They will make up any story to gain that which does not come from the spirit within, and then try to win with your cards. But someone will see through this person, and that someone will know you too, and that someone will reveal the truth. And soon, the malicious, greedy person will shrivel up into dust and blow away.
And when the dust is blowing in the wind toward you, it will fear you and veer toward the water, and become mud.

copyright © 2009 by Auntie Eartha. All rights reserved.

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