Thursday, January 22, 2009

Road Kill

A group meets in our home sporadically to discuss life’s issues. After centering, we go around the circle and take turns sharing one current thought or situation each. When everyone has had the opportunity to contribute, our leader guides us into what she believes would be a good starting topic and we open the floor to discussion. I suspect it’s like AA without coffee and cigarettes.

I love it. So many perspectives, each allowed to openly state their ideas while others listen. No interruptions jar the spirit, and all is received with complete objectivity and possibility, which isn’t to say we completely agree. We come from different walks of life, religions, states, and party affiliations, yet we receive others’ input respectfully.

Our group is an offshoot of the Institute of Noetic Sciences [], whose mission is “advancing the science of consciousness and human experience to serve individual and collective transformation.” Or as I put it, “We work to positively change things from a globally conscious perspective.”

We don’t always talk about deep, growth-oriented issues, though. Our fearless leader, as I call her, had just returned from a jaunt to Mississippi to meet her soon-to-be husband’s family. He was also at the meeting on this particular eve, so when his betrothed started telling a story about one of their experiences with his redneck, hillbilly family, he was right there to pile more details onto a crazy heap of a tale.

He added to her beginning, “Well, my brother and my cousin [which I presume was the same person] were driving back from town with some odds and ends my mom needed for supper [they don’t say dinner in the South]. As they rounded a curve, they hit a deer.

“Well, the deer was killed right away, so they sped back to the farm and got one of the trucks. Then we went back and loaded the deer into the truck. And that’s what we had for supper,” he concluded.

“You ate road kill?” I blurted.

Laughing right along with the rest of the group, our fearless leader nodded her head and said, “I’m not sure I’d had venison before, but it was pretty good.”

I suppose…if it’s fresh.

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