Thursday, August 21, 2008

Regulating Dust

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Fall is in the air, which is sort of depressing. School has begun, days are getting shorter, it’s cooler in the morning, and I have to wear clothes.

I love summertime, long days, smiling spirits, sundresses on girls, poetry popping out of every living thing. I love the dance of people peeling off their winter doldrums and starting to socialize again. Neighbors nourish their plants, repair their homes, say hi, and seem to have more time to be friendly and say too much.

When it’s cold, it’s almost as if our arms are too frozen to wave, our faces too stiff to grin.

One of my routines for autumn preparation is to moisten cloths with bleach-water, place them over my registers, and start the furnace fan. Dust that has settled in the ducts blows into the cloth, and any bacteria or viruses will be seriously injured when bumping into the bleach.

Don’t use too much bleach, though. My ex-husband reminds me of his pink underwear. When married, working 60 hours a week, and clothes needed to be washed, I’d toss everything in at the same time. Eventually my ex didn’t let me do the wash anymore : )

Back to the cloths over the registers: Don’t leave them on for more than a minute, or the furnace may bite the dust.

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