Monday, July 28, 2008

Too Much Sex

I just read one of the dumbest stories.

The executive director of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, Dr. Wes Metzler, has asked the Colorado Springs City Council to pass a law requiring cats to be licensed. This guy has too much time on his hands and obviously believes his employees do too. Will he “hire” volunteers to handle this cat-licensing function?

According to The Cheyenne Edition, the $12 or $25 “annual cost…would go toward a more humane way of dealing with another part of the cat problem, Metzler said. The organization wants to reduce the population of ownerless feral cats by trapping and neutering them, then returning them to their colonies.”

This should be done to some humans. Many illegals live in Colorado and receive more benefits, including health, than residents who have been paying taxes in America all their lives. Do they wear tags or microchips? Should we start capturing and housing stray illegals in shelters (think of America’s current illegal alien–prisoner population already) and if no one adopts them in five days, euthanize them? Or should we neuter them and place them back in their native colonies. Hmm.

I think licenses should be issued globally to 18-year-olds to permit them to have one child in their lifetime. Therefore, each couple could have only two children. If they divorce, they are allowed to birth no more children.

Why not extend Metzler’s proposal to license the deer in my yard? “Tag or microchip? And while we’re at it, OFF with your gonads!” With fewer deer, maybe I wouldn’t need to call the Division of Wildlife requesting euthanization services (see “Tragedy,” July 7, 2008). Sure fawns are adorable, but they quickly grow, lean over barricades, and dine on our prized vegetation. Then they excrete indestructible poop all over our yards.

Euthanize or license? When I awaken in the morning and see three big bucks and eight does in my backyard, shouldn’t I be able to euthanize one for dinner? They’ve been getting free room and board while destroying my yard. It would be more sensible than licensing them.

For Colorado Springs residents, here’s an interesting link: (I especially like the last answer.*) According to this page, “there is no ordinance prohibiting cats running loose, we do not have the authority to chase and catch them. We will come out and pick up the cat if you can catch it on your property and confine it to a box, room, cage or trap.” Under Metzler’s proposed law, would animal welfare officers drive around on $4-per-gallon fuel, capture stray cats, and if they don’t have a $25 microchip and missing body parts, take them back to the chop shop to do their deed, then drop them off at the same location where the officer found them? Goofy.

Twice, thinking I was a good Samaritan, I brought stray kittens into my home, then had them vaccinated and neutered (costs: $15 and $34). I do not let them outside. Now Metzler wants to punish me? If the City passes such balderdash, I’ll find new representatives. My councilman, Heimlicher, doesn’t respond anyway.

So the more responsible cat possessors should be charged and punished for the crimes of the irresponsible. Having to euthanize animals due to overpopulation is sad, but human overpopulation is worse. Humans do much more harm and are the source of most of our problems. And unlike cats that cover their excrement, a lot of humans consume much more than is required for sustenance and leave their trailings for the next generation.

Take responsibility. Demonstrate self-control. Discipline children and animals under your control, and hopefully they will learn about boundaries.

Since cats and some humans do not self-regulate, governments should step in and tell people what to do, as they have in China and might in Metzler’s world. Why don’t they self-regulate? See the bottom level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

It’s hard to work on self-actualization when your basic needs haven’t been met. Meow.

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City/County Law: It shall be unlawful to own or keep a dog which, by barking, howling, baying or other utterance, disturbs the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. (6.7.115) (Res. 78-136, Sec 16)

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