Monday, February 10, 2014

A New Kind of Religion

A friend and I have gotten together most Friday afternoons since 1985 to solve the problems of the universe. Although we haven't had a high rate of success in that endeavor, we've enjoyed a lot of fun on our journey.

One lovely June day when sunlight streamed through the large living room window, we were feeling quite ethereal with spirits easily emanating past the confines of the house. Everything was glowing.

So we decided to start a new religion—Samgaleah.

Let us know if you'd like to join : )

Sam•ga•le•ah [ såm gå 'LEE ah ]

a member of one of the three principal sects of faux Jainism, which was formed as a result of stimulating conversation and libation on Fridays, whose origin is not a part of the doctrinal schism c. AD 80 and survives today in parts of Colorado. The sect’s adherents practice asceticism, except in some pleasures, and are cosmically acceptable to any spiritual destination of the soul and can wear any color clothing.

Samgaleism [ noun ]

ORIGIN c. AD 2009 American English Sam-and-Leigh-ahh, literally ‘somewhat tainted,’ from Friday afternoon dialogue or tête-á-tête (“head-to-head”) conversations.

See also Svetambara and Digambara.

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