Monday, April 30, 2012

Colorado Springs Recommendations: Electric, Garage Doors and Door Openers

Electric. As a person known to repair almost anything, I avoid electrical repairs after having received a strong shock while fixing my hot tub. And though I’ll never need another perm or a pacemaker, the risks, in my opinion, outweigh the benefits of playing home electrician.

One afternoon I decided to enjoy a riveting game of Miller Moth Tag. Currently there are more millers than in a Wisconsin phone book. The goal of the game is to suck the three billion creepy, dusty fellas entering my garage and home each night into the great abyss of my 10-gallon Shop-Vac. If you haven’t tried it, I strongly recommend it, particularly if your hand-eye coordination is suffering and you don’t have a date.

Amidst my joy and determination, I must have touched a lightning bug instead of a miller, because, suddenly, my freezer, alarm system, and garage door opener ceased operation. Panicked and wondering how to rectify this major disaster (that I was certain would cost more than a week’s pay, which would be easy since my weekly income equals zero), I leashed Shiloh and headed out for a hike. These almost-daily jaunts double as thought and prayer time while observing God’s creatures and creation.

Within five minutes, I saw a well-dressed young man step out of a Rocky Mountain Electric van. I got a tingle.

"Gee, I could really use your help," I said to him, then explained my great moth adventure.

Jason Kelly, master electrician, handed me a card and said he’d call after his appointment. Rather than walk-jogging the three-mile trail, I ran so I wouldn’t miss him. As I was leaving the park, he rang. We met at my house, where he quickly assessed and repaired my electrical problem. Jason was my answer to prayer, something I term a miracle.

I recommend Jason (719-229-6633) and believe him to be honest, hard working, kind, and able to handle most electrical challenge.

Garage Doors, Door Openers, and Repair. Practically everything I have is old and falling apart (she said as she looked in the mirror), so when I find a trustworthy, reasonably priced company that handles repairs and replacements, I like to share these treasures with others.

Having had much experience with the folks at American Overhead Door (719-538-9900) to balance my two-ton Crawford oak door on the continually shifting old brick house, I’ve found all technicians skilled, courteous, and timely. They’ve also replaced parts in my early ’90s Sears Craftsman opener. Sure, they offered replacements but appreciated the quality of my Crawford, as well as my desire to use old parts till they’re no longer reparable.

As for plumbing, I’ve been fortunate to have my ol’ pal Norman rescue me from repair to repair.

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