Sunday, January 16, 2011

Embarrassing Moments

My partner and I have a greeting card line called Embarrassing Moments. The idea emerged in about 1998 through self-observation. For an extremely detail-oriented and organized human being, my creative side is pure impromptu—sometimes hilarious, other times faux pas, or a combination of the two.

I surmised I wasn’t the only person who’d unintentionally erred, so I decided to expose myself. At a party a few years ago, our bunko group toasted around a large chiminea in the night air. Conversation dwindled, so I decided to spice things up a bit. After telling them about my greeting card line, I asked them about their most embarrassing moments. Oh my gosh! Stories fueled the fire, and soon we were all laughing so hard, tears rolled from our eyes.

Though some of their stories shouldn’t be exposed on greeting cards, I’m sure George Carlin could use the ammo. My embarrassing moments paled in comparison. Nevertheless, I’ve continued using my fun cards.

Each cover photo has a gal wearing red and doing something absurd. I’ve used decades of my other photos for cards with a variety of captions, depending upon the occasion and recipient, printed on great stock.

How about you? Have you ever wanted your own greeting cards but didn’t know how to create them? Here’s your chance. I’ll photograph you in different garb, in different places and poses, at different times of day, inside or outside. Or if you have an image that deserves a noteworthy caption and printing, let me know.

We’ll create a series of greeting cards for you containing thoughts you’d like to express. You can even use your images for a newsletter. I’m here to help write, design, and publish the work for you.

Be daring. I directed and shot an extensive lingerie session for a gal (for her beau). Those images turned out beautifully!

Be expressive. Show your emotions through clothing, reactions to nature, experiences.

Be creative. Use a variety of props, like the lingerie model did. Rather than clothes, wear plants or feathers or a piece of nature.

Be bold. Use color on your lips, around your hips. Use texture. Involve other people.

How much will it cost? We’ll work it out. I’m easy.

Just do it!

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  1. Love the idea, Auntie. Maybe we can do something like this some time! - J


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