Sunday, September 5, 2010

Islamic Community Center

If the proposed Islamic community center is built—and I presume it will be, because developers always get their way—I think it should have a heart-shaped, open courtyard in its center. Giving the proposed Cordoba* House a view of the sky and planes flying overhead will be a reminder for salat times, for all of us.

One thing I like about mosques, as I do with many Asian homes and places of worship, is that they are shoes-free zones.

What do you think?

* Cordoba, Andalusia, southernmost region of Spain: known for its architecture, particularly the Great Mosque.

See for a list of mosques in the U.S. Note how many were built in 1996 in Alabama (six of nine). California contains eight mosques; Michigan, eight; Missouri, 11; New York, four.

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