Thursday, February 18, 2010


"You're not normal." I’ve heard this a lot throughout my life, and I don’t consider it an insult because I don’t know any better. It could just be their observation.

I am a minimalist. When I co-owned a big house, I felt we had more than we needed, even though we used every square inch of the place. On icy-cold nights, my mind would wander toward the homeless, wondering what would happen if I housed a couple.

I am a female who doesn’t like to clothes shop. My aunt calls it a character flaw. I call it being frugal and conservative. When I think I need something, aside from food, gas, and insurance, I look around the house and garage to see if some other object, creatively applied, could serve my need.

I despise waste, clutter, and Walmart. And when I need a date on Fridays, I grab a raisin instead.

I have, however, developed an interest in grocery shopping because I love to cook and provide fine dinners for my daughter, friends, and animals. When a person cooks with love, the food tastes better and nourishes body and spirit. And you stay thin!

I like having an empty room, an empty shelf, an empty drawer. It clears my mind and opens it to possibilities.

Now what was I saying?

I am male in many of my views, actions, thoughts, and words, though I could really use balls. Sometimes taking a risk these days seems monumental.

Like guys, I like to fix things I already possess rather than purchasing a replacement.
Fringe benefits come with repairing:
I don’t have to spend time and money researching for a new item,
I don’t have to record info and file the purchase’s papers,
I don’t have to find a place to take my old item, and
I receive gratification knowing that the thing I already have is still useful, like my brain.

But I’m not like a guy when it comes to trying to fix gals’ emotional and relationship challenges. I just try to listen.

I am a superorganizer with my time and space. As I’m getting ready in the morning, I plan the order in which I’ll accomplish my goals. Every minute clicks neatly into the next one efficiently, if I’m lucky. Gauging on time needed to prepare dinner or run errands, I plan backward, allowing leeway for the unplanned.

I carry a book or magazine when I think a line might impede my progress.

I’m timely and follow through on what I say I will do. Except once. But it subconsciously slipped my mind because following through would have meant more agony.

I am an analytical, supersensitive thinker. If I haven’t heard from someone in ages, I imagine the worst: They’re out having a beer without me.

I keep a watering can in the bathtub to collect water as it heats for my shower. That water feeds my plants or washing machine.

I think about my impact on others and try not to make too much noise. I keep my stuff in place, inside the house and out, so people don’t have to view a mess, which is why I don’t leave the house when my hair doesn’t turn out.

And when my emotional storehouse is well supplied, I enjoy helping others and sharing what I have.

Life is good! And if you’re reading my blog, you’re probably not-normal too, which is why I love you.

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  1. It's OK if you mow your lawn before going to sing at a club in your slinky red dress - really! All normal people do it.

    Frugal is an understatement, but you must enjoy that early 1900's icebox and black & white TV. It's surprising you haven't resorted to using a horse and buggy, but you don't have room for a horse.

    Where does the frugal gourmet purchase ingredients at a low price if not using the dreaded Walmart for something?

  2. I shop at King Soopers [see]. I shop approximately every three weeks and buy what I need, on sale or not. I've compared their prices with dreaded WM's, because my hiking buddy shops there, and the prices are nearly identical.

    Plus my 1900s icebox is in the garage, so I fill 'er up…almost have room for that horse ; )

  3. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
    And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

  4. You find a lot of good things at King Soopers!

  5. Sure do! Especially in frozen foods.


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