Sunday, February 1, 2009

I’m a Repubrat

This little auntie doesn’t like to get political, but as I’m listening to the Eagles sing about war and peace, I’m reminded of something a friend told me last year. “More Democrats have taken us into war than Republicans.” Another Democrat friend recently added, “And more Republicans have gotten us out of those wars.”

Not one to take words spoken to me for granted, this journalist takes to research. Sure enough, America has lost 200,000 more lives in war under Democrat leadership than Republicans (650,000 vs. 450,000). Our founding fathers lost 5,600. See two of the many links below. I’m open to discussion and clarification if these approximate numbers are off.

We have short memories when we don’t read our history books, but our grandparents might have been able to enlighten us on times of war. I’m primarily a Republican who abhors war; however, if someone were to threaten or hurt my daughter, I would have no problem declaring war of an appropriate sort. Think genitals.

We all have wars. They take on varying forms: divorce, custody battles, insurance companies not covering charges, speaking truth to dishonest judges, teachers not being fair, contracts and promises not being kept. Conflict of any kind stresses me out.

I am also not in favor of overpopulation, which Republicans appear to condone, because it’s killing more than people, such as fauna, flora, air quality, water quality, peace, quality of life.

The fact is, I appear to Republicans to be a Democrat. Maybe I’m both.

I am a Repubrat.* I have never fit into any box or category in intelligence and personality tests, nor do I in the political arena. They tell me I’m balanced, and you know, I feel balanced. I believe it’s okay to have opinions, beliefs, and values—and stand up for them! Be a blend like many humans. It’s fine not to live categorized (she says when the United States Census is calculating again).

Just because you’re a Christian, doesn’t make you a Republican.
Just because you’re an environmentalist, doesn’t mean you’re a Democrat.
Just because you believe abortion is okay, doesn’t mean you believe overpopulation is bad.
Just because you don’t believe in abortion and like to have lots of kids, doesn’t make you a Republican.
Just because you’re gay, doesn’t mean you’re a Democrat. Well, I’d better ask my gay friends about that point.

I like Barack Obama, very much. After listening to his audio book The Audacity of Hope, I remarked, “If I were to choose a husband, he would be like Obama.”

And though I didn’t vote for him, he is my president as long as I’m an American, no matter what my party affiliation, and will stand by him—something a lot of Americans didn’t do with Bush. Even I am guilty of that. Today I feel bad about some of the things I said—sometimes it’s better to be silent. I don’t know the whole story and will never.

When our kids mess up, we don’t disown them if we’re good parents.

And when Barack Obama messes up—which he will, they all do—I will stand behind him, because we the people of the United States elected him to be our commander in chief, our leader, our president.

* Now, friends, please don’t confuse this with reprobate: an unprincipled person (often used humorously or affectionately).

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  1. Good post. I have been thinking for awhile of writing something similar, now I don't have to.

    I too believe that we are a mixture of liberal and conservative ideals and it's ok to mix and match to get your optimal color. how horrible to get your ideals off the shelf...

    Although I'm a registered Republican my sister was rabidly for Obama, and I even walked a precinct for him...

  2. Thank you for your input and phrase about getting to "your optimal color."

    I'm so uncomfortable, even scared, with those who cannot even discuss opposing points of view. My best guy friend, a strong Democrat, and I have freely shared our thoughts for 15 years while the other nonjudgmentally listens. We have even changed our minds on certain issues based on the other's argument. I suspect that's maturity!


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