Thursday, December 4, 2008

What Sets You Free?

Boy, it’s been so long since I’ve felt free that I can’t easily remember what would set me free.


Being with friends, saying what’s on your mind, not what they want to hear.

The freedom to feel and express without the fear of ridicule.

To say what’s on your mind without judgment.

To not feel obligated to say, “I love you.”
To remember a number from long ago and not be criticized for knowing something so trivial.

To unravel a truth so simple in life, and not be found stupid.

To make a mistake or say the wrong word, and find a smile or giggle rather than harsh words.

To talk with a friend and really be there without a criticizing ear, whose voice will fault every word and replace hatred with the love you had felt.

To write, without fear, your truths being found,
to share the depths of your heart.
To read with delight the words you enjoy,
to sing every song from the start.

To trust the voice that speaks so clear,
envelop yourself in another.
Take someone’s hand while you look in his eyes.
Freedom is what you’ll discover.

“What sets you free?”
Morning’s here, a sun-filled day,
your body’s firm, able, refreshed.
The cool breeze, birds, and mountains beyond
lead you to new elevations
of thought
and awareness.

Your spirit is pulled,
invisible attraction,
something’s waiting
for you to know.

Inside the eagle
envelops your being…
views like never before.
Your eyes see detail…
some of life’s answers
are open to you now.
Hold them, taste them,
captured in time.
Remember how they feel.
Now close your eyes
in darkness’s arms
Be held in what is real.

Roll in awareness,
savor simplicity,
life so complex
isn’t forever.

Invisible thread binds
(the) greatest of things,
beauty, strength appear.
Light and dark reach depths
never felt,
there’s no such thing as fear.
—July 8, 1991

(Puzzle piece number 29 of 38.)

copyright © 2008 by Auntie Eartha. All rights reserved.

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  1. dude....... sounds like youre whining that u hate ur life. is it that bad?

  2. As with anyone's life, it has highs and lows.

    Balance is what is always achieved. Sometimes the lows seems too low, though, especially when I feel as if I give more than I'm receiving.

    But then some angel will come around and share my life with me as no one else can…and I feel alive again.


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