Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hear My Plea

I know you’re going to think I’m a children’s health fanatic.

Well, I am. I believe that’s where it all begins. You teach your kids to say no to sugar. You guide them through foods, teaching them the vitamins and minerals contained in each, and in the long run, you both reap the benefits.

I live in Colorado Springs, and on page 1 of The Gazette (June 24, 2008) are two little kids covering their ears, indicating their pain from hearing stock cars racing. First, I find this a ridiculous sport. Second, it’s a waste of energy. Third, racing pollutes an otherwise quiet environment. Fourth, even adults should use ear protection in the presence of excessively loud continuous noise. Fifth, and most important, children should not be allowed to attend these events!

Stock car racing, or motorcycle contests, or any gathering of way-too-loud PA systems should be a clear sign to parents: Don’t include your children on such deafening circumstances. Dear God, why would a parent want to ruin their child’s health? I shot trap for years and have regretted the decision to not wear muffs or earplugs.

I was at a beer fest downtown many years ago where a music group had the volume on their speakers unnecessarily boosted. I stress unnecessarily, because people from several blocks away could have heard the sound. Up close and personal, it was unreasonably distorted.

A young attendee with his toddler son were standing in front of the band, the young boy covering his ears. I looked at my friend and said, “That’s it!” I walked up to the dad and furiously shared a child-care tip with him, to which he replied, “Man, it’s okay. I take him to a lot of groups, and they’re a lot louder than these guys.”

I told him I was contacting the police. He left.

When I first moved here and saw blue smoke emitting from vehicles, my first thought was, That person obviously has no kids, or he’d fix his car. How would that guy like inhaling his exhaust for a few hours?

Irritated is a mild word to use on the way it affects me.

If a parent must take his child to an overbearingly loud event, give the kid shooting muffs. Please?

And please turn off your car when you’re not moving it.

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