Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blue by You

(Puzzle piece number 5 of 38.)
My fifth birthday comes up as a strong memory. My favorite color is blue, which coincides with the mood of my childhood and the sentiment of my parents’ marriage. Even our Christmas tree donned blue lights and blue balls—think special and painful. So Mom decided to throw me a blue birthday.

She rounded up a few kids she knew and invited us all into our spacious grassy backyard where she’d stuck four-foot wood dowels into the ground. Each dowel was topped with a big blue balloon, so the yard resembled a Columbian execution zone with heads on top of stakes.

After playing in the humid blue balloon maze, we developed quite an appetite. Keeping with Wisconsin nutrition habits, we all gathered inside to eat cake—blue cake with blue icing and blue candles. It was as if Chicken Little was right: the sky had fallen.

By party’s end, Mom was surrounded by blue-tongued, blue-toothed, blue-lipped, wired little bloopers. I’m sure that the next day there were some freaked out little kids when they looked into their toilets—preflush.

What goes in, must come out, so pick a complementary color…and chew thoroughly.

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